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Mamata Adhikari

After completing my Bachelor of Nursing in 2011, I successfully applied to join the Bupa Graduate Nurse Leadership Program which gave me a whole new insight into working in Aged Care.

The program to me was not only about learning the Bupa way, growing leadership skills and gaining more clinical expertise, it was about realizing we are the future leaders in Aged Care and we are the ones to bring positive change to the industry. The program was a great platform for me to develop on a personal and profession level.

I would not have achieved what I have in my career if I had not done the Graduate Nurse Leadership Program. I was able to meet and work with so many inspiring Bupa leaders, the respect and opportunity Bupa have given to Graduate Nurses is really commending. I have been able to apply everything I learnt through the Graduate Program to practice, working in multiple different care homes.

If you are looking to join the program, don’t be afraid to take up the challenge, grab any opportunity that comes to you, always ask questions and show your commitment and engagement to the care home. If you keep working hard nothing will stop you from shining!

I am so proud to call myself a Bupa Graduate Nurse. I take pride in everything I do and being able to make a positive difference in residents’ lives.  I am also very thankful to the amazing Graduate Program which helped me to be a better leader and better clinician.