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Alma O’Leary

When I began the Graduate Nurse Leadership Program with Bupa in 2010 I had no idea the wealth of knowledge and skills I would achieve in just twelve months.

One of the best parts for me was having such a fantastic support network. I have been able to gain insight and broaden my knowledge and skills as a clinician from having access to such a wide range of resources. From my clinical facilitator, other Registered Nurses I work with, Doctors and specialists who come to the care homes as well as other Grads and staff at Bupa Corporate Office in Sydney.

Developing my leadership skills was probably the most challenging and rewarding part of this journey. It is an area I feel I have learnt so much from and at the same time still have more to learn about.

I have found that continuously challenging myself and seeking out the help of others to learn new things about my role, the care homes and Bupa as an organisation has meant that I have had a wealth of different experiences that have pushed me to develop as a Registered Nurse.

I am so thankful to Bupa for giving me the opportunity to be a Graduate Nurse in this organisation and I look forward to staying with Bupa and continuing with my career development as they grow and develop as a leader in the health and care industry.