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Working Hours at BHP

8.5 rating for Working Hours, based on 13 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
12 hour days, there is some flexibility if needed, but the job is based on working those hours.
Graduate, Port Headland
On average 8 hour days with a full range of flexibility options
Graduate, Perth
We work 12 hour days on FIFO, people are flexible on taking breaks whenever is convenient. The company also promotes flexible work where you can alter your days on-site for example (e.g. I work every 2nd Friday in Perth, instead of on-site).
Graduate, Perth / Port Hedland
12 hours day shift on an 8 days on, 6 days off roster. BHP is serious about it's policies surrounding flexible work. Management is encouraged from the highest levels to offer flexible working hours.
Graduate, Newman
BHP offers flexible working arrangement so they are quite flexible. However, I don't work in the office, I work on site. They are somewhat flexible with the times we start/finish, however this needs to work for our stakeholders and operations also.
Graduate, Mine Site (Mackay/Moranbah)
The company is quite flexible on hours. Often if you need to use a Friday to travel out of town, you will be allowed to work a public holiday or weekend day in lieu.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
I usually do 7am-4pm, and some days are longer (occasionally 6am-6pm, or 7am-6pm) when I have extra work to get done.
Graduate, Moranbah/ Dysart (site based at Peak Downs Mine)
My line leader has never counted the hours I work and is more than happy to allow me to change work hours/days around as required to support my community volunteering commitments. As long as changes I want to make will not clash with major meetings I am free to work from home, work from other cities (with prior arrangements), work from head office etc.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
I probably spend more hours in the office than I should, but my team is very big on flexible work - if you work extra hours, you should take extra hours off to compensate - but not all teams are like this.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Standard work hours are 7-4. I never do less and if I do more, it is from home in the evenings because I want to, not because I have been asked to.
Graduate, Moranbah
Late start Monday, Early finish Friday. 11 hour days Tuesday to Thursday
Graduate, Dysart
Company promotes flexible work but current team is not very welcoming to working flexibly.
Graduate, Moranbah
5/2 4/3 FIFO roster - 12 hours a day. Company has a big push towards flexible work but not currently using it.
Graduate, Port Hedland