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Training & Personal Development at BHP

7.6 rating for Training, based on 14 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
A mix of good and bad - training that I have requested to do has all been very good. The graduate training is a mixed bag - some of the forced training is not so enjoyable, and often it seems feedback is not taken on board.
Graduate, Port Headland
We have graduate technical forums twice a year where the grads organize external/internal resources to do technical presentations/workshops. BHP also engage DBL to cover professional development. There is a portion of the graduate budget assigned to training, where if a grad can organize a session and justify appropriately they will pay for it.
Graduate, Perth / Port Hedland
18-24 months of graduate program with a log book which guided you through your leaving. It's very thorough, and everything in there is worth learning. Every couple of months we have a grad forum where we congregate in Perth and do some common days for networking and special training, and a few days just focusing on our specific areas.
Graduate, Newman
There is little development training offered internal to the company that isn't for covering internal practices such as risk assessments.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
some formal training is offered, however a lot of training I have to ask to do myself. This can be seen as me not trying hard enough to get my work done and preferring to not be at work, when in actual fact this should help me with my work.
Graduate, Moranbah/ Dysart (site based at Peak Downs Mine)
Formal pump training, root cause analysis training. Informal training opportunities through shadowing opportunities.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
BHP has strong internal training and allows for many opportunities to do external training. Through BHP I have done the Radiation Safety Officer course run through the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, and a postgraduate Radiation Protection course run through Strathclyde University in Scotland. Internally, I have also completed many field training activities such as working at heights, working in confined spaces and 4WD training.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Expected more. No formal training list or schedule for role but training matrix is being developed. You have to be proactive in figuring out what training you want to do, and should usually get support from leaders if it is in your development plan and you can justify why to do it. Budget for training is smaller than expected for a company like BHP.
Graduate, Moranbah
Good training but the systems are very confusing.
Graduate, Moranbah
Training has been constant both formal grad training and extra ad hoc training.
Graduate, Port Hedland