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Job Satisfaction at BHP

7.5 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 14 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Work can vary between teams and departments, in my current engineering team I am doing work that I really enjoy. Responsibilities include doing engineering design work for various projects; and field leadership and auditing of company procedures and systems.
Graduate, Port Headland
In charge of 1-3 drill rigs, logging RC samples and planning for next drill holes. Enough work to keep me busy, enough downtime to not stress me out.
Graduate, Perth
Graduate Geologist, stepped up into mine geology role after 5months (no other geo's on site when I work). I conduct pit inspections, create surfaces for drill and blast, remodel faults, reconcile coal recoveries, map highwalls and log testpits, Create large and small reports based on geological integration from across fields. I would say our main focus is to protect the coal and maximise the recovery amount, based on the data we provide to geotechs, mine planning engineers and operations/production on site.
Graduate, Perth / Port Hedland
Currently I work in Projects. My day to day tasks are all centered around keeping my project in line with its schedule and budget. This includes completing documentation and managing contractors/consultants.
Graduate, Newman
Technical' support to site. Providing solutions for mechanical and structural issues but doing very little design (I would like to do more design).
Graduate, Mine Site (Mackay/Moranbah)
Managing stakeholders, contractors, suppliers and their expectations. Actively managing safety and risk.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Providing radiation safety advice to different areas and work groups, monitoring for radiation and engagement with key areas on our teams requirements.
Graduate, Moranbah/ Dysart (site based at Peak Downs Mine)
Responsibilities of an on-site enviro include mix of fieldwork (sampling, monitoring, inspections), but mostly office work (document reviews, permits to disturb, reviewing compliance, reporting)
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Co-operate with other sites to scope and define major maintenance shutdowns. Look for and develop improvement opportunities.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Find my role in itself quite monotonous/ repetitive at times but love the opportunities to move within the company and cover different roles etc. Have discovered different roles that really resonate with me (my current one probably isn't the best fit, but I can see multiple others that would be fantastic fits)
Graduate, Moranbah
Reviewing drawings, responding to site generated TQs and running small projects.
Graduate, Dysart