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Daniel Bryant

I've worked at BDO for a little over a year now, and every minute has been hugely rewarding.

A positive company culture is, for me, the most important thing I look for in a job. As an Accounting and Finance student at the University of Western Australia, I knew I wanted to work in finance. However, it wasn't until I got in contact with a friend of mine who worked in Corporate Tax at BDO that I realised this was the perfect job for me. He'd talked about how great the company culture was here, and it was him who encouraged me to apply.

I was invited to an assessment centre, where I immediately saw the relaxed, collaborative environment that's such a hallmark of BDO. I was thrilled to be accepted, and since then I've never looked back.

Constant learning

One of the best things about working at BDO is the constant access to training, which started with a three-day national tax introductory course in Sydney, and has continued throughout my time here. We have weekly junior corporate tax training which combines theory and practice and we take part in regular courses as we move up the ranks. On top of this, everyone is so welcoming at BDO and the Partners' doors are always open if we have a question or need some help.

Life at BDO

I love that no two days are the same in corporate tax. Not only is legislation constantly changing (which is why the amount of training we receive is so important), but as tax is such a big part of every company's business operations it means I've been able to work with a huge range of clients in all manner of industries. BDO differs to some other firms in that graduates are exposed not just to corporate tax but to other sub-divisions, and I've also worked in Fringe Benefits Taxes and Transfer Pricing.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to go to Melbourne as part of the BDO Transfer Pricing team for a two-day strategy and development meeting. This involved meeting national leaders and discussing a range of topics within transfer pricing.

I've worked at BDO for a little over a year now, and every minute has been hugely rewarding. It's an environment that provides ample opportunities, experiences and challenges, and has helped me to realise my passion and pursuit in corporate tax. Put simply, BDO is a great place to work.