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My days at work really are filled with variety and opportunities to learn and develop strong relationships with all levels within the organisation.

Why did you choose BOQ?

My sister was a past employee at BOQ and recommended I apply for the program because it has one of the best organisational cultures she has experienced so far in her working career.

Tell us about life at BOQ? How would you describe the culture at BOQ?

I can’t begin to express how happy my experience has been since starting at BOQ. It is a culture like no other and there is a sincere appreciation for living our corporate values. The people here are friendly and genuinely make the effort to ensure that you feel like you are part of the team. The Chief Risk Officer and senior leaders all work in the same area as the rest of our team with no walls dividing us, so there is that true sense of collaboration and openness.

What’s your day-to-day role?

I am currently working as a Risk Analyst within Operational Risk and Compliance. My role includes familiarising myself with requirements of the different frameworks, legislations and policies and applying this knowledge, along with skillsets I have developed during university, to complete a variety of projects assigned to me within different areas of Operational Risk and Compliance.

What does a typical day look like for a graduate in their first 4 weeks?

Simply put, one minute I can be shown by my buddy how to assess an incident report, and the next item on my schedule can be morning tea in the executive boardroom with the Chief Risk Officer and senior leaders to get to know one another better and discuss any uncertainties we may have. My days at work really are filled with variety and opportunities to learn and develop strong relationships with all levels within the organisation.

Any highlights?

BOQ runs many social events to encourage us to build relationships with people outside of our immediate teams. My favourite so far was trivia night where I was able to enjoy getting to know colleagues from other departments over pizza and drinks. Now when I walk past them in the hallways, they stop to ask me how I’m going and what exciting things I’m working on.

The best thing about your role?

The opportunity to make a real difference. Keeping the interests of our customers and the future of our organisation as our main priority, I am able to work together with others who are likeminded to create and implement ideas that will result in positive outcomes that can potentially affect all facets of the organisation.

What would you say to someone who is interested in applying for a BOQ Graduate Program?

If you are looking for the opportunity to work for a great organisation that will set you up for success in your post-university career, then apply for BOQ. Many of my friends who have had graduate positions at similar and larger organisations are often in awe by the opportunities that have been provided for me so far. BOQ goes above and beyond to ensure that they invest in you as much as you are willing to invest in them.