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BAE Systems

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Office & Workplace at BAE Systems

7.7 rating for Workplace, based on 34 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
The Canberra office has recycling and compost areas. The office is clean, modern and stylish. The dress code is business-casual. Some people wear suits, while others wear jeans (usually people in the server labs as it's cold in there). Every Friday is casual day.
Graduate, Canberra
Great facilities, more windows with a view would be nice. Dress code is appropriate and smart casual
Graduate, Sydney, Garden Island
Most buildings are brand new and have everything you need. The dress code differs for each area but generally is casual corporate wear.
Graduate, Adelaide
Dress code and offices vary across the country (BAE has offices in a range of locations) - where I work the dress code is akin to "smart business" although interpretations of this vary - every Friday is a "casual day" Offices are good, good access to facilities (tea/coffee/bathrooms/canteen) and meeting rooms and casual catch-up areas.
Graduate, Adelaide
Space and location are convenient for me. The buildings are a bit old because most of them belonged to the defence force in the past. The dress code internally is smart casual Monday-Thursday and we get to wear casual clothing on Friday.
Graduate, Adelaide
A good mix of office and laboratory/workshop environments. Located around a range of shops and restaurants.
Graduate, Melbouurne
Spacious and ample. Dress code is business casual
Graduate, Canberra
Very large work space. Close to large shopping centre and train stations. Cafes and eateries a short walk away. Dress code is smart casual, typically a button up shirt and long pants. Casual day Fridays. Apiece of pink clothing day Wednesday.
Graduate, Sydney
good offices, location and dress code.
Building are easily accessible and locate if you take a tour around the building. However, the air ventilation of the building is not as good as it seems.
Graduate, Williamstown
Open plan, decent space (in Canberra office), close to amenities. Dress code is business but not formal, and we have casual Fridays
Graduate, Canberra
Formal and casual on Friday. Office is normal.
Graduate, Sydney
Unfortunately we are a little inconsistent in this space. Some offices are fairly new and have good facilities, others are more run down. Location is quite remote given the work we do. The dress code is different for everyone. Varies between formal office attire to jeans and a polo.
Graduate, Adelaide
Office is old, equipment is old, and the style of the office layout is not modern. It is the traditional cubicle layout with no open space and lack of natural light available. Dress code is business casual and casual friday.
Graduate, Sydney
Facilities are great although currently in a state of transition and thus some equipment can be hard to find. Dress code is traditional business with a mix of normal business attire (open necked shirts, polos, slacks/skirts). Uniforms are available for purchase.
Graduate, Adeliade
The Williamstown office is a little dated, but still pleasant to work in. I love the location, it's a very nice area to work in. Dress code is on the more casual side of business casual. Polo shirts are welcome, most people wear leather shoes, jeans are very rare, I'm yet to see a tie.
Graduate, Melbourne
Business casual or business formal depending on role or current events.
Graduate, Sydney
Space is great, technology is being upgraded so once that's improved it will be fantastic.
Graduate, Melbourne
Some sites have great facilities, others are in need for an upgrade.
Graduate, Perth
The offices seem pretty standard, with all the necessities (i.e. large working space, kitchen etc.). The dress code is semi-professional; a business shirt, chinos and dress shoes are appropriate. The company also supply polo shirts to employees.
Graduate, Adelaide