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Training & Personal Development at BAE Systems

8.2 rating for Training, based on 33 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lots of training available. Most projects also willing to send to external training as well if you can make a good case for it.
Graduate, Canberra
I have just started, but plenty of training and informative inductions have been undertaken, where more sessions are yet to come just in my first month here.
Graduate, Sydney, Garden Island
Internally there is plenty of training, however it would be nice if there was a little more structure to it.
Graduate, Adelaide
Many internal courses are run to train new starters in company policies and processes as well as training on specific tools and software packages. External courses are also run. the company supports professional accreditation for many of its employees.
Graduate, Adelaide
We follow a 70/20/10 model. 70% of the training is hands on experience. 20% is from mentoring and colleague support. 10% through training courses. I've gained a wide range of technical skills and was able to develop numerous personal and professional skills along the way such as leadership and public speaking.
Graduate, Adelaide
technical communication, various engineering training courses,
Graduate, Cairns
Alongside my graduate manager I also speak with my graduate functional manager who works with me to develop a 6 monthly graduate development and training plan over the two year program. To assist graduates choose their own path. The company organised training seminars as an introduction to all of the functions in the organisations: engineering, IT, finance, HR, quality and project management. Further to this there are organised face to face training modules over the 2 year period with a graduate conference at the end.
Graduate, Melbouurne
Modules delivered online or in person
Graduate, Canberra
Four part systems engineering courses are offered, as well as approximately 100 others. These are taught during work hours and catered for.
Graduate, Sydney
in over two years I've had 1 x 2 day formal training course - pathetic. All you hear of is 'On the Job training' - which basically meant sit at your desk and work it out yourself - as a grad this is unacceptable.
Robust training program
Graduate, Newcastle
Inductions were great as it gives insight to how the company operates. However, formal training are totally another high standard.
Graduate, Williamstown
Generic training is average. Function specific for me in my current team has been good and useful but is from the management's initiative there, can't comment on others
Graduate, Canberra
Grad. Development training - company structure.
Graduate, Adelaide
Had the opportunity to complete a Diploma in my field. Given time during work to complete this qualification.
Graduate, Adelaide
Good mix of training
Graduate, Sydney
I have already completed an engineering course on the company time and there are other planned throughout the year.
Graduate, Sydney
So far have seen the inductions and start of the graduate development program which looks good. General knowledge but no skills training so far. There is a significant focus on personal and professional development through future courses though.
Graduate, Adeliade
I recently took a voluntary three day internal training course on Systems Engineering. The course material was fascinating and well taught through relevant anecdotes based on the instructor's work in the company.
Graduate, Melbourne
Lots of internal and external training courses. Engineering product safety, work health and safety, systems engineering, technical writing, software training
Graduate, Sydney