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BAE Systems

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Sustainability at BAE Systems

7.2 rating for Sustainability, based on 32 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Designs of the future technologies take into green initiatives into consideration.
Graduate, Adelaide
LED lighting installed throughout the building. Reduction on plastic bag usage by providing reusable bags to employees. Recycling is encouraged with signage and recycling bins in lunch rooms. Motion detectors turn lights off throughout the building. Timers shut off air-conditioning after 6.00pm.
Graduate, Sydney
good recycling and energy reduction plans.
Company is trying hard to reduce carbon footprint by sorting out bins and turning of light when no one is using.
Graduate, Williamstown
There is a lot of talk about how projects can affect the environment, but not sure if there is anything being done to make sure that the carbon footprint is being reduced
Graduate, Sydney
Significant policies related to the environment and consideration during the engineering process.
Graduate, Adeliade
There is a clear focus on sustainability.
Graduate, Melbourne
My company recognises its responsibility to reduce its effect on the environment.
Graduate, Melbourne
Again, I have had little experience with this as a new starter, however they say in the environmental awareness training, mandated for all new employees, that they place a high importance in the matter.
Graduate, Adelaide
I understand BAE is an environmentally conscious company which aims to create eco-friendly workspaces, I know the light and power is on standby in some of the older buildings to save energy but I can't comment on some of the older facilities
Graduate, Adelaide (Edinburgh Parks)