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BAE Systems

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Job Satisfaction at BAE Systems

7.9 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 36 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
When I figured out what area of IT I was passionate about, my team leader went out of her way to help me work on that area. My team is incredibly supportive and the work is paced to challenge my abilities without throwing me in the deep end.
Graduate, Canberra
I have just started so things are very slow with access and receiving essential equipment. Have had many inductions and yet to complete anything of relative significance.
Graduate, Sydney, Garden Island
Each day something new pops up which requires our help or action. As a graduate this is great because you learn so much without being forced, its learning on the job at its finest
Graduate, Adelaide
My work can be clearly related to both my development and future career options as well as to providing a real benefit to the customer
Graduate, Adelaide
I am trusted with tasks that are not mundane and get to work flexibly. I get exposed to different areas through graduate rotations. They adhere to a structured graduate program and I receive a lot of mentoring and support without too much hand holding.
Graduate, Adelaide
Defined but dynamic to support learning
Graduate, Cairns
As an graduate engineer I am given sufficient levels of autonomy to work and interesting tasks that are genuine operational requirements or add value to the firm.
Graduate, Melbouurne
Liaise with stakeholders, plan activities, perform complex engineering task, work independently and collaboratively depending on project and activity.
Graduate, Sydney
software engineer.
As a grad, I have been through induction for a week or so and given a task to complete within a certain timeline after that. Every information learnt are important in understanding how the company works and the task even though it is a small and simple.
Graduate, Williamstown
I barely get any work, there is no way for me to create work, and when I ask for work I am apologised to as there is nothing for me (sometimes basic tasks)
Graduate, Canberra
Working under design engineers, I provide technical assistance and research chosen areas, to inform management in their decision making processes. I also assist with project planning.
Graduate, Adelaide
Relaxing and chill with tight deadlines.
Graduate, Sydney
Managing smaller projects including managing budget and schedule, customer and supplier interactions,
Graduate, Adelaide
systems engineering tasks National graduate committee member
Graduate, Sydney
Web development is not what i had in mind when taking this position. I am writing test procedures for a simulation package that is not even set in stone and is a side project.
Graduate, Sydney
Design suggestions, analysis of design solutions, trade studies, selection of suppliers and components
Graduate, Adeliade
I have real responsibilities over parts of the design. My day-to-day work includes mechanical design and simulation tasks, as well as typical engineering research and documentation.
Graduate, Adelaide
As of yet I'm still learning and easing into the work. By the end of my third week I'd undergone a lot of training and learnt a lot about the industry and the company, however I have not yet completed what I feel to be a typical day-to-day activity or work package.
Graduate, Melbourne
Finding solutions to engineering problems - doing research: reading technical manuals, drawings, consulting with subject matter experts (SMEs).
Graduate, Sydney