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Rob Tucker

What was your education / career path?

I attended Hale School in Perth, Western Australia and the University of Western Australia, where I majored in Economics and Finance.  After completing my Bachelor Degree I undertook a year in Finance Honours, writing a thesis on ASX IPO’s in the mining sector. The year was very rewarding and it was through interactions with my professors that I was encouraged to pursue a career in corporate advisory.

Why did you choose corporate advisory?

Many people are discouraged due to the perception (and sometimes reality) of working long hours and being tasked on ‘grunt’ work. I decided to pursue corporate advisory and Azure more specifically because of the great exposure you get from day one and the ability to work on interesting and high profile transactions. Those who enjoy complex problem solving and working in a fast pace environment should consider a career in corporate finance.

Can you describe a typical work day?

Although a cliché answer, most days are quite diverse and don’t follow any specific structure. The only constant is commencing the day with a coffee, checking the news and responding to emails that have come through over the evening. The rest of the day is shaped by what transaction you are working on and at what stage it is at. For example, you could be advising a client on a potential buy-side acquisition, which could involve conducting industry and valuation analysis and putting together a board presentation. Alternatively, you could be advising on a sale process, which involves process management, liaising with various advisors (legal/accounting) and managing the flow of information between parties.

What do you love the most about your job? Which kind of task do you enjoy the most?

Working with intelligent people on interesting transactions across numerous sectors. I enjoy the ‘deep-end’ research at the early stage of a potential transaction - the challenge of learning about an industry and business that you have no previous experience with.

What other firm activities are you involved in?

Azure commits 2% of profits to the ‘Azure Foundation’, which aims to make a positive contribution to individuals and deserving community organisations. I am the secretary of the Azure Foundation and engage with the community organisations seeking support.