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Australian Defence Force

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Australian Defence Force Videos

Royal Military College: Army Officer Training

Becoming an Army Officer takes patience and resilience. The Royal Military College teaches Staff Cadets the essentials t…

Army Reserve: Fact or Fiction

Have questions about life in the Army Reserves? Discover everything you need to know and separate fact from fiction.

Navy Electronics Engineer - Keren

Meet Keren, a Navy Electronics Engineer at ADF.

Navy Electronics Engineer Submariner - Gerard

Meet Gerard, a Navy Electronics Engineer Submariner at ADF.

Navy: Training Systems Specialist

As a Training Systems Specialist Nicole prepares Navy personnel for their role through training, education and curriculu…

General Service Officer

If you're looking to challenge yourself mentally and physically then a career as a General Service Officer could be for …

Air Force - Electronics Engineer

Emma supervises 30 technicians and continues to develop as an Electronics Engineer in the Air Force. See how high you ca…

Air Force - Aeronautical Engineer

Nisha loves what she does and continues to grow into her role as an Aeronautical Engineer in the Air Force. See how high…

Air Force - Airfield Engineer

Since graduating with an engineering degree, Airfield Engineer Andrew has his sights set high for a successful Air Force…

Army - Mechatronics Engineer - Louise Farrell

Meet Louise Farrell, an Army - Mechatronics Engineer at ADF.

A lifestyle like no other in the Navy

In the Navy, you'll find thousands of sailors and officers enjoying rewarding work, travel, teamwork, sports, shared adv…

Army Officer Q&A

Watch our Facebook Live Q&A from the Royal Military College at Duntroon to see what it’s like to be an Officer in th…