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Attorney-General's Department (AGD)

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Jack Milne

8.00 AM

I rely on public transport to get to work and while it takes about an hour, this time is made up of reading personal emails and the book: Mission to South Africa – The Commonwealth Report; foreword by Shridath Ramphal, watching football (soccer) or golf highlights. I arrive at AGD’s head office, easy to locate – a large and accessible entrance to get into the building. 

8.45 AM

I store my lunch in the fridge, say hi to the team and prepare myself for the day. I set up my tablet and have all my stationary organised for the day, I scan through my emails and read if any daily media clippings relevant to my section, further studies or an article that’s grabbed my interest. These daily media overviews are important sources of information and help me to grow my understanding and exposure of the workings across the department and its five groups. 

9.30 AM

Once a week, I spend time in the morning, meeting and speaking to the Co-Chairs of the Celebrating Ability Network (CAN). As a treasurer, I need to ensure that our financial statements are regularly updated and to approve any expenses being spent on future activities. This executive position gives me the confidence to make decisions and learn a new skill. I’ve also liked working closely with leaders to promote disability inclusion across the department.

10.15 AM

I return to my desk and talk to my supervisor about any outstanding tasks that have to be completed and whether reasonable adjustments are needed to complete them. For example, my supervisor reads over my emails or documents to help me articulate and focus on the key points prior to sending the message. My supervisor also provides guidance on locating relevant templates and information on our internal systems. My supervisor supports me to adjust to new goals if priorities change and if when required, collaborate with others.

12.30 PM

I take lunch and sometimes meet with a few graduates. I enjoy learning about what others are currently working on, as this gives me an insight of other sections and broader department. I am looking forward to taking part in the Touch Football completion with my fellow graduates and hope that our fresh legs can help us win a game or two!

1.00 PM

In the afternoon, I continue with my existing work and check in with my senior manager. I take this time to update him on my progress and discuss ideas, suggestions and strategic context of my task. This advice helps me find workable solutions and deliver the best outcome possible. It gives me confidence that I can contribute to the team’s goals and am able to perform to my full potential.

2.30 PM

Later in the afternoon, I make time to refresh myself on some of the past training sessions that have been offered to the graduates. As the most recent being the ‘Plain English: Writing for Understanding’, I discuss with my supervisor that I would like to develop my writing skills. We discuss the opportunity the graduate program provides to my development. Feedback for me is important - I want to own the feedback I receive and take it as an opportunity to grow and develop. 

4.00 PM

I have recently commenced an additional study. With my supervisor and department’s approval, I am able to commit up to five hours a week to undertake this. The study time helps me to maintain a work-study-life balance while completing my course work to expand my skill set and gain knowledge and expertise. My study is helping me to contribute to the department’s priorities and also meet my future career aspirations.

5.00 PM

Hometime, well almost! I am either playing tennis or attending meetings with my leading role with the Royal Commonwealth Society and promoting Australia’s role in the Commonwealth of Nations. My hobbies encourage me to have a work-life balance, keep me well-grounded and continue to give back to the local and international communities. 

6.00 PM

Travel home. Talk to friends and family.

7.00 PM

Arrive home, prepare dinner (bangers and mash with onion gravy), catch up on the news of the day or watch a documentary, and lastly, prepare for the next day – ironing shirt/choosing tie and prepare lunch. Lastly, more light reading and listening to music while I unwinding for the day.