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Training & Personal Development at Appian

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I've picked up a bunch of skills. - Basic troubleshooting command lines: [grep,netstat,free -h, df -h, vi] - Understanding the Appian architecture [K engines managers[kafka, zookeeper], distributed servers, web servers [httpd, IID], app servers [jobs, tomcat]] - Emails [SMTP] and authentication [LDAP, SAML]
Graduate, Wynard
Appian has its own enterprise software language which you will get basic training in your first month of orientation at HQ Virginia America, once you come back to Sydney, you will continue to learn the Appian SAIL language and pick up SCRUM and AGILE methodologies.
Graduate, Sydney
1 month training in Washington DC to get up to speed with the software and consulting skills. Online videos to learn anything you want in your free time through LinkedIn learning and Appian University.
Graduate, Sydney