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Liam Dobson

Push yourself outside of your box whenever you can and you will always come out of the situation having grown as a person.

What's your job about?

Appian creates powerful business applications for a range of clients such as banks, insurance agencies and educational institutions. As an associate consultant, I help understand what the client is after and build sections of their application using the Appian platform. For a given client project, a small team of Appian consultants is deployed which usually involves an architect, a technical delivery manager, a senior consultant and a number of associates.

As an associate, I attend all morning stand-ups (as we work in an agile format) and are then usually assigned several user stories to work on throughout the day. Developing involves producing mock-ups and/or working process models for the clients functioning Appian application. All of this is conducted within 2-week sprints which conclude with a showcasing of the built product to the end-user who gives feedback for improvement in further sprints.

It’s great to be part of a team that delivers something useful to our clients while I can learn and develop my own career. The applications that Appian makes aim to improve the customer’s productivity and ease of business and can come in the form of anything from a website to a mobile application.

What's your background?

I grew up in rural NSW in a town called Wagga Wagga for the first 10 years of my life before my family the big move to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. Living in Abu Dhabi was great for my family as we were able to experience a vast array of different cultures and that is where I met many of my current friends who now live all over the world. Whilst living over there I completed the International Baccalaureate at an American International School before returning to Sydney to study at UNSW. I studied Chemical Engineering at UNSW under the Co-op program which gave me the chance to intern at a number workplaces including Sydney Water and Arnotts.

During my placements, I saw the value that businesses place today on data, software and business process technology and this lead me to want to get more involved in that area. Appian was a perfect fit for me to live out this interest as their platform defines itself as low-code, making it easier for me coming from a non-software engineering background. I think that my passion for science/maths/technology and learning has also lead me to my current role as I am always wanting to continue to grow and develop.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes, for sure. As long as that person has a founding in any STEM degree. Most of the software skills that are needed at Appian are learnt on the job - you just need to be willing to learn and be a good student. It may be more difficult for some, but I think that the more passionate you are about the job the easier it is to pick up.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I love working with a product which is cutting edge. Being able to amaze clients with a functioning and exciting new application which puts their old excel methods to rest. I also love the extra perks that Appian provides such as an educational allowance and supplementing gym fees.

What are the limitations of your job?

Appian as a product can be a lot to learn and keep up to date with especially when you are dealing with a platform which is constantly being released with new updates. Dealing with clients may also be a struggle especially when making deadlines and coping with criticism. It’s important to look at these as opportunities to grow both your technical skills and soft skills.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Look. Don't ever box yourself into one area of expertise. It's great to get exposure to as many different areas of work as possible as you will learn what you love and what you don't like as much.
  2. University is about both learning to learn as well as growing your knowledge base and skills. Push yourself outside of your box whenever you can and you will always come out of the situation having grown as a person.
  3. And finally, have fun! Look for clubs and societies you want to get involved in or you can make a difference in and sign up. You won't regret it.