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Jordan Russo

Hear from Australia Retail & Commercial Graduate, Jordan Russo, on how she spends her day as a Graduate in ANZ's Digital Customer Experience team.  

6.50 AM

Good morning! I love waking up to my Spotify playlist, it’s much more relaxing than my regular alarm. Getting up a bit earlier means I get to spend some time with my 3 dogs, a super positive way to start my day. My outfit and bag are ready to go from the night before, so after giving my dogs one last cuddle, I get ready and head to the tram.

During my commute, I enjoy listening to lifestyle podcasts about health, exercise and career. Once I’m off the tram, I finish my walk to the office by the Yarra. It really helps to clear my mind before starting the workday.


9.00 AM

I get into the office around 9am and catch up with my colleagues. I take 15-30 minutes at the start of the day to check over my emails and calendar and that way I can prioritise my work for the day ahead.  

Soon after, I join my squad’s stand-up – it’s a casual daily meeting where we go over what we have on for the day. It gives us the chance to express any challenges we’re facing and help each other with solutions. I also love that it creates more transparency within the team, and I get to understand and show interest in what my colleagues do in their day-to-day.


10.00 AM

Time to get into my data work! We’ve recently released a new feature in the ANZ App which enables our customers to save for a goal. Since the release, data has been flowing through the app, and multiple stakeholders are interested to hear how the feature is progressing.  

I log into Adobe Analytics and sort through the data, picking out insights on how many customers are engaging with the feature, as well as demographic information. To validate my data findings, I cross-check our ANZ database. Everything looks good to go, and I begin to work on an eye-catching view in PowerPoint to display key insights that I will share with my stakeholders.


12.00 PM

Lunch time! Everyone knows this is my favourite time of the day, especially when I can go out with my team members. I grab a yummy salad to eat out in the sun, and then use the rest of the time to walk around the water at Docklands and have a chat.

1.30 PM

We walk over to our Showcase area – it has a comfy “lounge feel”, and it’s where we get to hear from squads across the tribe. I find these sessions fun as I get a “sneak-peak” on the latest features coming to the ANZ App and overall it’s a great space to bond with the tribe. Today, I’m showcasing the App Dashboard; a monthly view I created on data insights across the App. I like that I can make the presentation fun and bring my personality to the table, and most of all celebrate the achievements of the tribe’s collaborative work, and ideas for future work.


2.30 PM

I’ve scheduled a meeting with stakeholders from the Home Owners Department. My tribe is collaborating with them on an upcoming feature that will bring new functionality to customers, so that they can manage their home lending needs through our app. We discuss risk and legal action items from our previous meeting, and brainstorm solutions and next steps. We will need to meet regularly over the next few months as we draw closer to release.

3.00 PM

To finish my day, my squad has a “Retro”. This is one of my favourite parts of the week, where we self-reflect on the past 2 weeks of work, what we achieved and what we struggled with. It’s great that I’m given a voice to share both the good and bad, as I feel very supported by my squad. We note down actions on how we can make improvements, and celebrate our wins!


4.00 - 4.30 PM

Before I head off, I tidy up my Kanban Agile board with tasks I’ve completed, and move new tasks for tomorrow into the “up next” column. It’s nice that ANZ has flexible working, as I have plenty of time to get to the gym and spend time with my family.