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Karen Yin

6.30 AM

My alarm goes off for the third time and I decide it’s time to get up and get ready for work. I head to the station and catch the train to Circular Quay where I am based in the AMP head office. 

8.57 AM

My train arrives at Circular Quay and I make my way to the office. Luckily for me, the AMP building is right across the road from the station! At AMP we hot desk, meaning you get to choose where you sit each day and can always sit in different places. Everyone still has their favourites though! If I’m in early enough, I take up my usual favourite desk. First thing I do is my routine email and calendar check and plan my day ahead. I like to start my day by checking Workplace, which is AMP’s internet platform for internal news. The best thing about it is that people post funny memes and dad jokes – the best way to start a work day! 

Karen entering the office

10.00 AM

I am currently working on a SharePoint upgrade project. My first activity of the day is a meeting with the project team. This is where we provide updates on how the project is tracking from the previous week. We discuss the status of each item and raise any concerns that could impede the delivery of the project. The SharePoint subject matter expert (SME) and technical lead have called for an impromptu meeting at 11 o’clock, however I already had a meeting scheduled. They say I can join in after my other meeting.

Karen on a meeting

11.00 AM

I have a meeting with a Change Manager from the business who is looking to give her Intranet site a new uplift. She explains to me her requirements and I come up with a couple of solutions for her. Much to my surprise, I’ve run into a problem though and I don’t know how to fix it. Luckily for me, my team are still at their desk and I’m just a shout away from help. Working in the open plan environment and having lots of different experts around me really comes in handy for things like this! In the end, we found a workaround for the problem, so we close off the meeting.

Meeting with change manager

11.30 AM

I join the impromptu meeting with the SharePoint SME and Technical Lead. These guys have received a lot of requests for technical support and need assistance to make up for the demand. We already have enough resources, so it would be a smart decision to find some workarounds, or a way to offload these requests. As a Business Analyst, it is our job to understand business problems and identify opportunities for improvement. I offer some suggestions to make our self-help portal more user friendly (create more user guides, FAQs etc). I’ve got some action items so I put it on my to-do list.

12.30 PM

I meet up with the rest of the IT graduates for lunch. If it’s a nice day outside, we usually go for a walk along the harbour and around the Opera House. It’s always nice to get out of the office with some friends and go for a walk when Sydney’s biggest attraction is right outside your door! 

Karen having lunch with colleagues

1.30 PM

I have no more meetings for the rest of the day, which means it’s time for me to smash through some work. I’m back at my desk and I start working on my assigned tasks. The task I’m working on today is an analysis of how AMP staff are using the intranet, which will be used as a basis for future strategy making. I gather reports from different sources and compile it together on a spreadsheet. Lucky for me, I learnt how to use VLOOKUPS at the graduate Excel workshop earlier in the year. Based on my findings, I was able to calculate, from scratch, the amount of revenue that was lost from business units that haven’t been billed. It’s a surprising number.

Karen at her desk

4.00 PM

I start working on the uplift of the self-support portal. Since I am making the portal more user friendly, I decided to exercise my full creativity license. I decided to create an image map using HTML. It’s been a while since I’ve used HTML so I take a trip to my trusty friend w3schools.com! 

5.00 PM

Before heading home, I wrap up my work, action any unread emails and check my schedule for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a Thursday which is my usual working from home day, so I say goodbye to my team and take my laptop home with me. AMP is all about flexible work, which is one of the reasons I chose AMP. 

6.30 PM

I’m home by 6:30 which gives me time to go to the gym. If I’m feeling lazy I just have dinner and catch up on some Netflix!