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Clinton Chau

6:00 AM

Rudely awakened by the vibration of my alarm that marks the start of my day. With the strength that I have to open one of my eyes, I scroll through my phone and check the notifications and conversations that I’ve missed overnight.

7:15 AM

They say, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I recharge myself by setting foot by 7:15 am most days into AMP’s newly furnished onsite gym. As I push through my last PB set of bench, my self-esteem soars through the roof. This lasts all of 5 minutes until my friend Lucy gets in the gym and piles on another 20kg on top of my max bench and starts her warm up. What better way to wash this shame away than using AMP’s shower facilities that are also located on the same level as the gym. Free towels, free body wash and free hair dryers? Did I enter AMP or a luxury hotel?!   

8:45 AM

I’m clean, I’m awake, I’m ready to conquer the day.

Entering office

I start my work day off with checking my emails which is usually quite full. I patiently wait for a daily catch-up chat with my seniors where I jot down a list of tasks that are to be completed and off I go.

9:30 AM

This is the set time for the morning huddles to go through year end deliverables. We discuss items outstanding that may cause changes and delays to the reporting process. I have found these meetings useful for providing an overarching insight into inputs required for the full year results, an opportunity to meet senior stakeholders and understand the financial issues and judgments that are being made.

morning catch up

10:00 AM

As I head to the most important person I will encounter today, I straighten up my posture, look them in the eye and say “one almond cap please”. AMP had recently rolled out a “coffee connect” initiative which connects you with other graduates on a monthly basis. This initiative is great as it gives the opportunity to get to know people across the whole cohort better, and gives me a coffee buddy whenever I want one!  

10:15 AM

I prioritise any BAU work and ensure that this is completed when needed. You’re probably wondering what kind of tasks graduates are assigned – in my Accounting & Finance business, this can range from APRA reporting to assisting in transactions that AMP have engaged in. There’s a world to learn from an extremely supportive team who are always available and willing to teach you.

12:15 PM

By the time 12:00pm rolls by, I have an empty stomach. As I grab my mum’s cooking out of my bag, Lucy kindly suggests to “put that away, let’s go buy food and join the other grads for lunch”. Another opportunity to socialise. I’m in. We head downstairs and find a spot outside. The benefit of being right next to Circular Quay and the Botanical Gardens – outdoor lunch spots and walks every day. 

1:15 PM

With people taking lunch breaks at different times, I find this afternoon block efficient to get some time without distractions to get through some work. Depending on the period of the month, I either continue my BAU work or work on a project. In my current rotation, I’m working towards completing a presentation on AMP’s group structure as well as process improvement work! Personally, I enjoy thinking of solutions to challenge and improve the existing processes for work so I use it as motivation to try to finish my BAU work quicker so that I can work on this!

working on desk

3:00 PM

Catch-up with managers are important. It gives me the weekly/ fortnightly opportunity to express any concerns, provide updates and work through any problems that come up. 3pm is generally the time that everyone else goes for an afternoon round of coffee. I seize this prime-time opportunity and grab my manager for an impromptu coffee catch-up. We make our way to the coffee shop and just as expected, I run into a few people. With a quick greeting exchange and a cheeky grin, I nonchalantly say “Oh I’m just grabbing coffee with my manager”.

coffee with manager

4:30 PM

Afternoon huddles are set aside to see how teams are tracking with their set out tasks. Majority of the time things go smoothly but occasionally we’ll have to call the finance leadership team in for intervention if the tricky task arises.

5:30 PM

The finishing up time at AMP is quite flexible. People tend to work to their own timetables and head off when they’re ready. Most of the time afterwork, I like to head home and have dinner with my family before I hop on my computer to play games or watch Netflix.
A group of AMP grads play Oztag together every week. If you’d like to sub for our team or have a chat, please feel free to contact me at Clinton_chau@amp.com.au.