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Career Prospects at Allens

9.2 rating for Career Prospects, based on 13 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
The company has an entirely transparent "career deal" that is used to promote employees based on merit.
Graduate, Sydney
Grads always do 2 year-long rotations, then settle in one of their rotation areas. After that, promotion is merit based, so can be quick as long as you reach the required skill level. The opportunities seem excellent.
Graduate, Sydney
We control our own career progression and have numerous feedback sessions throughout the year.
Graduate, Perth
For the first few years it seems to just be about doing the time, but after that its clear those who are passionate and good at what they do are rewarded
Graduate, Sydney
The firm has a merit-based career model, where employees are promoted once they have reached particular standards in their work, team management and participation in other firm activities.
Graduate, Sydney
You clearly have to work hard to move through the ranks but it is easily possible and you wont be held back if you deserve it. Promotion is time based for the first couple of years, then becomes all on merit which is good to know.
Graduate, Melbourne
I really like the 'career deal' plan that Allens has. Career progression after you make associate at the two and a half year mark, is based on merit rather than years spent at the firm.
Graduate, Melbourne
Eventually merit based, not age / time based, though initially everyone advances at the same rate.
Graduate, Melbourne