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David Fraser

I applied for AIG amongst other graduate programs in the finance industry, and after going through the interview process I elected to join AIG for a few different reasons. Firstly, the graduate program seemed the perfect way to begin my career, to develop both business acumen and professional/personal skills. The 12 month program was a great balance between being a part of the Sydney team and feeling part of the global graduate network. I was fortunate to be able to travel 4 times during my one year program which gave me the opportunity to further cement this global network which I still draw upon today.

In addition to the graduate program, I joined AIG for its global opportunities. Training during the program was both on-the-job and in the classroom in New York, it has allowed me to really grasp the concepts of the insurance industry. In addition to the training, we were put into cross-functional teams based on geography, and given a real-life business challenge to solve. My team was made up of participants from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea and Japan, and after presenting our solution to senior management in New York we were selected as the winning team amongst the 32 global teams. This certainly did not come easy as we committed to put in at least 8 hours a week for the project and on top of our day job.  Our solution was so well received that it is in the process of being implemented. 

I am glad to have chosen AIG as my graduate career and look forward to growing with the organisation.