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Laura Dietze

I’ve just started my rotation in the People and Talent team. In order to be able to contribute to a bigger project which affects the whole department, I am spending the first 6 weeks of the rotation moving through all sub-teams. Currently, I am working as a Recruitment Coordinator in the Talent Acquisition team.

6.45 AM

My alarm goes off. I jump into the shower and have a quick breakfast before I make my way to the office. Luckily I’m going against traffic.

8.20 AM

I start my day the right way … with a 7-Eleven coffee.

7 Eleven Laura Dietze 1

With my coffee I make my way to my desk and turn on the computer. I get an overview of what meetings are scheduled, look at my to-do list and check emails. Today this did not take too long and I am very excited to log onto Seek to see how many new applications we received over the weekend. I look at the applications and start shortlisting candidates for a group recruitment we are having soon.

9.00 AM

The Talent Acquisition team has a meeting where we talk about our tasks and priorities for this week. It is important to know what the rest of the team is working on and how we can support each other. For me it’s also an opportunity to learn more about the diversity of tasks within the team. If I have some time on my hands and someone in the team works on something I would like to learn more about, there usually is an opportunity for me to do so.

10.00 AM

It’s time for my first interview sitting on the other side. We are interviewing a candidate for a support office role. The Talent Acquisition Manager is leading the interview but I get to be involved and ask a question myself. Afterwards we discuss the candidate’s fit for the position.

7 Eleven Laura Dietze 2

11.20 AM

A Retail Business Manager just sent through an email and asked us to post an advert to recruit team members for one of the stores he is looking after. I ask for the relevant details and start drafting the advert. Once approved, I post it on Seek and start looking out for applications.

7 Eleven Laura Dietze 3

Whenever I have spare time in between tasks I go back to screening online applications.

12.30 PM

Usually the team has lunch together. Most of the time we bring in food from home but in case there was no time to pre-cook, there is always the canteen downstairs where delicious 7-Eleven products are waiting for us. We also love dumplings so every now and then we either order in or eat out together.

7 Eleven Laura Dietze 4

1.20 PM

We discuss the status of vacant positions and what measures we could take if we haven’t found the right candidate for a certain role yet. The discussion leads to me posting one of our jobs on LinkedIn.

1.45 PM

One of the Recruitment Coordinators talks me through the ins and outs of phone screening and reference checks. There is so much to look out for!

3.00 PM

We take birthdays seriously in People and Talent which is why it’s cupcake time ☺

7 Eleven Laura Dietze 5

3.30 PM

With the incredible amount of applications coming through, I spend the rest of my day helping the Recruitment Coordinators shortlisting candidates for several positions.

4.55 PM

I look at my calendar and spend some time prioritising my to-do list to make sure I am all set up for tomorrow.

5.10 PM

It’s time to leave to go to Zumba class – because there is no better way than dancing to wind down after a day in the office.