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7-Eleven Australia

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Jesse Hristovski

Jesse Hristovski studied ​a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Psychological Science ​at La Trobe University in 2015 and is now taking the Retail Leadership Graduate Program – Marketing Insights Analyst at 7-Eleven Australia.

5.45 AM

Wake up and get ready.

My commute is a lot further than most but I’ve found that since adjusting my body clock to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier that I feel more refreshed, but still in a mad rush to get out the door in time!

6.30 AM

Leave home.

Extra time in the car does have some benefits – such as conceptual planning and learning via podcasts as well as making hands-free phone calls when necessary

8.15 AM

Arrive at the office.

I’ll usually give myself time for a short catch-up/hello with the team on how their weekend was as well as grabbing a water (I’m in the minority of non-coffee drinkers) or breakfast if I didn’t have it at home.

7-Eleven: Jesse Hristovski - catch up with a team

8.30 AM

Clear email inbox.

One of my daily priorities is keeping a clear inbox. It allows me to stay focused and in control of my day. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve actioned them all but I have at least delegated, re-directed or planned time to action them depending on their urgency and importance.

7-Eleven: Jesse Hristovski - clear inbox

8.45 AM

Send a note to all portfolio and category managers.

The Portfolio meeting involves a review and discussion of the prior week’s performance from both a total business and portfolio perspective. Accordingly, some commentary around each portfolio’s performance by the portfolio and category managers is required for one of the handouts. I send a note out confirming that all data is updated and available with a link to the commentary template.

9.00 AM

Prepare data.

There are various data metrics that need to be updated and refreshed such as sales, GP, transactions and weather. The data then needs to be consolidated into a brief and easy to read deck.

10.15 AM

Print off handouts and prepare for the portfolio meeting

Before printing 20 copies of each handout, I’ll review the data one last time and make sure I understand the overall story that I’m going to deliver in the meeting and pre-empt any questions that may arise.

10.30 AM

Run the portfolio meeting.

My manager and I alternate the running of the meeting which is attended by the head of marketing, marketing leadership team, portfolio managers and category managers. The meeting usually involves giving a top-level view and then a round table of all the portfolios before wrapping up with any competitor activity and general business.

11.30 AM

Team meeting & quick bite to eat.

I head straight into our Insights team meeting where we will all discuss what we’ve achieved over the prior week and what we will be working on this week. Any team-related issues or general wins/concerns are also discussed. I’ll try and quickly squeeze in lunch because I know the next few hours is game on.

12.15 PM

Complete the business barometer data.

The business barometer is a weekly report distributed to the entire business and the board which encompasses the prior week’s performance as a snapshot of key metrics with multiple graphs and key call outs. The data generated prior to the portfolio meeting forms part of the barometer and now the data that sits behind the various graphs needs to be updated.

2.00 PM

Write the commentary for the business barometer.

To complement the data, I’ll draft about half of a page of commentary which summarises all of the relevant figures as well as provide any Insights into the cause or significance of any results. This is important because colleagues may want to know the top line without having to browse through the entire barometer. 

2.30 PM

Clear email inbox.

7-Eleven: Jesse Hristovski - happiness in an empty inbox

2.45 PM

Work on ad hoc analysis.

The average week generally involves countless decks & presentations that must go out (such as the barometer) as well as other pieces of ad hoc analysis that are being worked on to answer questions the business may have. These pieces of work do not have strict deadlines but must be completed. It’s important to keep the balls in the air and keep things moving.

4.30 PM

Review the business barometer

My manager and I review the barometer together by sense checking the data and ensuring that the story makes fitting sense to the data. I get a lot out of these sessions because it is invaluable to not only see through a different lens but also hear how somebody more experienced may approach the same task. It’s also a good chance to develop soft skills such as tone, sentiment and phrasing.

5.15 PM

Clear email inbox and prepare for tomorrow (Will’s old desk on the left).

Before leaving, I’ll ensure to leave knowing that the inbox is clear and tomorrow is planned so that if any surprises pop up (which they always do) I’ll know where they can fit or what can be pushed back to the next day to avoid any feelings of panic or being overwhelmed.

5.30 PM

Home time.